Do you think Tejada gave Palmeiro steroids? Yes or no? I think no, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence built up against Tejada. Canseco floated his name. Tejada was in Oakland, where a lot of this steroid stuff came to the surface, e.g. Giambi. Also, his power numbers have increased somewhat* since his first two full or semi-full seasons. Then there was his show at the Houston All Star Game Home Run Derby. Plus, Tejada agrees that he gave Palmeiro a B-12 shot. Why do you have to give someone a B-12 shot? Why not take a vitamin or eat some fish?

However, this is why I say no. One, Palmeiro has no credibility. We know he lied to Congress, which is really stupid. But is he diabolical to the point that he would blame an innocent Tejada? The big thing I notice is that Tejaja DOES NOT GET HURT. One hallmark of the proven roid users is that they do get hurt at least once a season, and often have nagging injuries (knees, back). Look at Canseco (back), Bonds (elbow and knees), Caminiti (knees, back, substance abuse), Giambi (back, knees, viral infection, mystery disease). (But what about Sosa, he played most games ’95-’02, though in ’03 and ’04 he fell off, was his back messed up?) All those guys missed time. From 99-2004, these are Tejada’s games totals: 159, 160, 162, 162, 162, 162. And this year he has yet to miss a game. Plus, his head is not “huge” as are Sosa’s and Bonds’s. And he doesn’t have that messed up neck skin like Mac and Caminiti (and Bagwell…though Bags hasn’t missed many games, until now, with his arthritic shoulder…).

One thought on “Palmeiro/Tejada

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