Keene Prize

I am trying to select 10 pages of poetry to submit for consideration for the Keene Prize. The link is below. Any suggestions on what poems, out of what’s included in the selection to the right, would best meet the criteria for the prize would be helpful. Plus editing recommendations.

Criteria :

The recipient of this prize will be selected from those who write “the most vivid and vital portrayal of the American experience in microcosm,” according to Keene’s wishes.

In addition, the winner will be the student who demonstrates “the greatest artistic merit and narrative mastery of the English language and has shown the greatest promise of becoming a professional writer, as judged by the Scholarship Committee of the COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS.” The Keene Prize for Literature will afford one talented writer the resources necessary to devote him or herself solely to the craft of writing for two years.

Keene Prize

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