Who Is

In order to exist
to exist perfectly, redundant
I need to be in two places at
once, maybe three

A mash-up, 80s 90s oughts
Herb Alpert, Biggie, DJ Bene
And this glass of water,
is it water, yes,
of Volga

Of Hugo, far even, for ever, ago
bed varmint, squeaker
shelter growler

Of Barthelme’s stories. 40? 60?
Flying to America?

Huh, no, you’ve got the wrong
Barthelme. Can we say,
“Not Donald?”
Anyone but Donald, the kid with
buck teeth who sat on my lap
and farted on me at church,
after church, it was all those
doughnuts. But we were in choir,
Donald, why that gas, no do not
expect a pardon.

You don’t hear much about Syria
these days, do you?

you’ll hear about it on

The domain. It’s been open,
I’ve been meaning to claim it,
at age 40 I stake claim to
my own domain, not my
birthright but my net-right.

Is that a WordPress thing?

Me, I don’t get Word Press.
I’m missing something, I know it.
It’s probably like when I didn’t
know what a Cuisinart was.
My introduction to Cuisinarts was Adam
from Northern Exposure.
Adam and Eve.

“Is that a Cuisinart?” asks Joel.

It’s out in a field.

Thinking about it now. I had that
footage on VHS. Now,
subscribed to Netflix, 
it is gone to me.

Cuisinart down…..

(more to follow