Leaving Aus-town

1    Ray, I’m bored:  wake up

Actually, my knee is aching, and so is my back.  I’ve been packing things.  Got up at 4:34.  The garbage truck.  Did you hear it?  Banging mechanical arm, squealing brakes, beeping as it backs up.  That’s the last time I’ll ever hear it.  I’m drinking some iced coffee.  Ate a slice of toast with peanut butter.  Have showered, taken the pizza box to the trash, updated my blog.  Wow, I’m nearly ready to start drinkin’ again though it’s only 8:50.

Bad heartburn, though.  Need to get some meds for that, pepto or Immodium, Tagamet?  Don’t think I’ve ever had Tagamet.  Drinking some water.  Was not dehydrated this morning although I rinsed out four cans of Guinness, a bottle of pinot grigio, a couple Red Hook IPAs, a Bud Light, a big Lagunitas IPA, and our highball glasses.

We drank a fair amount last night but the body load I’m feelin’ right now is from the brownie.  I was still high this morning, I think that’s why I couldn’t sleep.  Looked at some of the photos.  The battery in the digital is not failing as you had said.  I looked for the charger this morning unpacking a couple of boxes.  I think you heard me cuz I noticed you closed your door.

2    An Act in which Josh Beckett Appears

John [soliloquy]:  We’ve got bourbon drinks.  Lo, is that rock music coming from next door? — or just a saw?  She only looks good, man.  But Ray couldn’t care, he couldn’t care less about any-a that.  From next door the slice of a lawnmower, the whir of a weedeater.

[Ray enters stage left, John sits at a table with a drink, his back to the crowd]

Ray:  Yeah, I guess aluminum isn’t carbon-based.  John’s typing, glasses on, halfway down the bridge of his nose.

[Josh Beckett enters stage right]

Josh:  Blisters could be an issue again this year.

John [turning around]:  I know.  Every year, every single year!

3    Ray is sleeping again

Awake, Wisdomonium!  The heavens need guidance and the irreducible element of your eye-brow ring.  I’ve been sittin’ here all mornin’ just reading your journal — intrasting stuff, about thermodynamics and all?

It’s time to blog, time to fill the U-haul, to swim in the springs, to smoke a spliff, and eat some barbecue.  Passed out last nite, more or less.  For the better, though.  Up at seven today, a little bit of iced coffee, reading Ray’s journal (just kidding!)

Some packing — I am contemplating a shower and, also, I could eat something.  The GB is packed away, but I have made other provisions.  In fact, Thackeray stands to greet you.  Thack the respected Green Colonel.

The coffee is almost gone, Ray.  Figured you wouldn’t want day-old café on the rocks anyhow.  It smells not so vaguely of smoke in here, but I’ve opened a few more flaps on the tepee and got the palm fronds goin’ so we should be OK.

4    Things Ray won’t miss about Texas

— the heat
— the allergens
— the fake lakes
— deciding whether or not it’s worth it to Mess w/ Texas

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