Black Holes and Second Lives

You look down at yourself from above, then you awake.  You realize you have flies buzzing about you.  Not a ton, but more than you would expect and somebody tells you,

“They’ll go away after a while.”

The flies are there because you have been dead.  But you have come back and your second existence has started.  You always go back to an existence that you have already had.  That’s why you want to have good existences. 


R:  “And, so, basically, it’s just that part of our universe isn’t able to be reached because it’s on the other side of the black hole.”

J:  “And that’s the past.”

R:  “You have a trail of universes.  Yeah, which is the past.”

J:  “I don’t know if I can follow trail of universes.”

R:  “Because there’s no reason to believe that this new universe that’s being created doesn’t have its own black holes, which have sucked in things that happened even previous to that.”

J:  “I don’t think you can suppose that there are more there.”

R:  “What if our universe is much more old than we think because of this, though?”

J:  “I don’t know.  I still don’t buy the Big Bang.  But, but here’s—”

R:  “What if the Big Bang is a black hole throwing everything up?  Like, two black holes collide and they negate each other…(explosion sound!)  From nothing you have a universe.”

J:  “Two black holes collide … I’m not sure I want to take that on yet.  I want to make sure I remember some of the other stuff that we’ve been talking about.  That when you go through a black hole you are moving faster than the speed of light.  I was talking about black holes containing past events.  I was, I’ve been thinking about this concept where, it’s called Second World.”

R:  “Mmm hmm.”

J:  “It’s your afterlife.” 

R:  “OK.”

J:  “In trying to think about the afterlife, and decide whether or not it exists, and if it does, what does it look like— If there is an afterlife, then the question is, ‘Why don’t I remember any of my previous lives because I don’t feel like I do.  If this is the first life, and nobody here is in any form of their afterlife, once you have had a life you go to a place where everybody is on their second life.”

R:  “Uh huh.”

J:  “And this is just where we’ve started.”

R:  “Right.”

J:  “The black hole can work as a means by which to travel to the second world.  We were talking about black holes holding past events.  As you go through them so quickly time slows down but you still experience time yourself.”

R:  “Yeah, but I don’t—”

J:  “And you talked about the black hole within the black hole, which would have to be the case if there were a third world.  … And magnetism and electronics.    Two black holes collide.  That was the Big Bang.  Then is what one of them put out matter and what the other put out the antimatter?  It’s not a stretch is it?”

R:  “No.  I hadn’t even thought of that.  The negative.  The inverse properties.”

J:  “All worlds, all sets of lifetimes are created when two black holes collide.”

R:  “Yeah, and if the universe is—they think the universe is—expanding and it will expand until there is nothing.  But what if all it’s doing is getting sucked into another black hole?”

J:  “It’s moving in every direction at once though, so….”

R:  “We don’t know where the black holes are.”

J:  “But as long as the universe is expanding this process could never end.” 

A plane overhead.

R:  “In my mind, though, the idea of the universe expanding…that hurts our argument.” 

J:  “Man, I don’t know that it does.  Because.  Two black holes collide, they’re blowing out from there, the universe is expanding, we’re somewhere in that universe but around us is the universe that existed before the two black holes collided, they were two black holes in that prior universe, so we’re going out, we just don’t know: is there other stuff around us and at some point it goes out and then it kind of comes back in.”

R:  “Yeah.”

J:  “If there’s more universe out there, because we can’t see the edge of it, we don’t know that we’re expanding into nothing.” 

R:  “That’s right.”  A car horn.  “That’s true.”

J:  “I think we’re in serious McCarthur Award territory here.”

R:  “One million dollars.”

J:  “Is that what it is?”

R:  “I think so.  Round up all the best astrophysicists—”

J:  “Fuck them, man.”

R:  “Get them around a table and smoke some pot.”

J:  “We’re gonna hire some number crunchers.”

R:  “Call up Houston, they’ve got a good one down there.”

J:  “Lure him away.”

R:  “It’s kind of funny that he went back to NASA.  I mean, I think he’s in California, but still.” 

J:  “Jet Propulsion Laboratory?”

R:  “Yeah.”

J:  “I think it was.”

R:  “God, that’s so fucking cool.”

J:  “Where is that, Pasadena?”

R:  “I don’t know.”

J:  “Malibu?  It’s in a really nice area.”

R:  “I just love the idea that we have this fucking facility with all these goddam geniuses making things.  It is so cool.”

Birds chirp and tweet.

—June, 2013.

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