Your toes against me moved,your "best feet."    You were told.Morning herald camealong wearing shades.My window open all night.Heels on the cobblestone streetand I can't help but looking.Down to the plaza and someonedrinking coffee, unfolding a bicycle.Your best feet against me moved.Heels on the cobblestone streets.Not finishing upstairs,walking alone with frites.If you weren't the only one … Continue reading Antwerping

Landscape: Benelux into Germany

a.            A city like Rotterdam                               bombed, rebuilt The Nazis said                submit or we’ll bomb you into the ocean       The ‘Dammers submitted but got bombed anyway What’s the point in that?                               Now, taller buildings                                          Europe’s busiest port             A few coffeeshops tucked away. In a café, cream of mushroom soup,                  the best bread and a little butter             in … Continue reading Landscape: Benelux into Germany

Misc. Haiku 31-35


Flushed Rhine has risen
To welcome our arrival
In the wine-land


Skyline sky,
Skybleached sky.
How many times I will describe it


Coin empire,
You’re running out of coins—
Guess how I paid for you


Sky more blue
Or clouds more white?
What haiku at this height?


Heels on a cobblestone street.
Oh, I can’t help
But looking

The Knowledge

Only because you’re handsome—
that dark black hair of yours,
those slick metallic sides
sweeping down the sidewalk,
stopping to kneel at the neediest feet—

You know where to take me
without even asking—
you know me
better than a cabbie in London
knows his British city. The main street,
the side street.  My street, yours.