Holiday Baking

Kim-Joy, Malfoy, forget-me-not.  Is it poinsettia time?
How near then are we to the holidays again, this time of year?

A study shows that leaving up your Christmas lights, year-
round, leads to a 19% rise in overall happiness.  A higher electric
bill, yes.  Higher carbon emissions, sulfur dioxide, all that, yes, but
19% more happy?  It’s kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it?
Well, I tried it.  I kneaded, folded and proved it.  The decoration,
he said, was a little boring.  The bottom was soggy.  The whole thing
was a bit overdone.  It was all a bit claggy, she said.

Me, I couldn’t agree.  It was the hottest night of the year,
they all were.  I sat outside steaming like the gingerbread
man in a rainbow multi-hue.  The moon was hiding,
the dough was rising and I could not stop thinking about the
perfect bread for tomorrow