Physical Former

1. It is tomorrow here already.
When the vodka’s gone
it means we have to sleep
And I don’t want to sleep—ever!

2. Turning and twisting.
What was all that law school for?
Those early mornings, Austin city
bus, statutes, prescription glasses,
hard attitude, I
Never wrote the checks. I only ever
sued one “person,” one dumb city and
It was a win but
what is that victory now?

3. I only lost lines in my lifetime
before stealing them back
in the late slipstream of the night
Like that bottle of booze you nicked
from behind the bar in
The Dominican when
no one was looking. Our
relationship was so young then, a
fat-tongued jazz song that
None of us knew what to do with
because we’d only ever lived once
and never before with each other.