Dead as A Hammer

Transportation, from here. I am to be embossed. I am to be onboarded. Research project, thesis: No Illegal Volunteering. I could use all available verbs if only I’d remember their names. Campus tour, drone survey. An orchestra strikes up a concert in a neighborhood night. While I was sleeping y’all raked leaves like mad conductors by moonlight.

Ice melt, glacier swim. Take your kids into foreign policy day. Naive holiday, PTS electorate. Oh, their suits are so clean. Their teeth are so white. As if they were getting paid to show them.

Let it fall, let it fall like rain. Like votes, like natural causes. Well … his heart stopped. Sometimes they just do. Eventually sometimes is now. Liver spots under my eyelids. No one knows what they look like but me.

Get thee to bed. You got Russia in your head. Arctic circle, Missouri highway, Ozark river. Where campfires burn in the distance, some see a constellation.