Radio despertador

1. Sleeping in the Corner

So what if I sleep
in the corner?
Soo what? Why should
that make you “freak out”?
That’s just the way I sleep.
It’s the way my ancestors
slept. You might’ve known them.
The Indians?

2. Headline

Just gonna lie here, alarm clock,
have a Parliament. Relax,
maybe read the paper?
Hey, look at that,
“Robot Runs Across Water—
Just Like Jesus Did.”
Well, holy shit.
Get the presses ready
for the Third Testament.

They interview the robot,
he is totally full of himself.
One heretical reporter says,
“Right. I guess you’re not
afraid of anything—
swimming, big dicks,
old people?”

3. The DJ

Don’t despair,
alarm clock radio.
I’ll turn you off,
one of these days.

But it is worried, says to me,
“Did you hear that the DJ
was gonna stop at midnight?”
“No way, man,” I said,
“that’s a ripoff!”

But then alarm clock whispers,
“Yeah, but, word is, someone
dropped a sawbuck
on ‘im and he’s gonna
play for another two hours!”

Rock on alarm clock!

4. The BBC

Truth is,
I need to get it together.
I can’t even find a way to
lie down that feels good.
I admit, the floor is hard,
and my stomach
a bad bowl of soup.
This stuff is killing me.

Alarm clock breaks in,
“Will you listen to yourself,
sayin,‘This stuff is killing me?’”

Go to hell, alarm clock.

There’s nothin but bad news
on the BBC, nothin
but an empty process.

5. Wendy’s

By now I’ve given up
sleeping on the floor.
Like most of the other
ideas I’ve had, it was dumb:
just really boring and academic.

The skein of paint
has reached its taper.
I’m out of Parliaments.
Even the GB has sprung a leak.

Finally, I’m at the counter.
“Yeah, can I have an original
double with cheese?”
And then I pause cuz
they always ask,
And I say politely,
“No, no combo…
and a great biggie fry.”

The fries are for alarm clock.