The Opposite of a Black Hole is a Big Bang

The beginning of the end of
The last history. This side
Of a black hole, a big bang, the
Epicenter, the mother lode, the lode star.
A star that leads, especially the
Polestar, the North Star of the Universe,
What is always in the center, 'lode' meaning
'The way,' the journey, the journey star.
From here to there, back from
Where we used to exist, via intergalactic canal,
Rowing upstream, rowing home,
Going back in time, into the place we
Go when we dream, time there
Suspended, fact there garbled and twisted.
It is all very real but also
Very far away, as if
It never even happened.

He Wanted to Bring Back the Big Bang

Describe how this island
     became an island; whether
it was once all water or once all rock.
     The petrels matter to the ocean.
If they do not fly there is no island—
     there is neither coast nor reef.

Under the reef, more rock,
     originally hot, now cooled to stone
by the slender hand of God,
     reached down from dim Ceres
to leave an invitation
     for a sĂ©ance at Vesta 4.

An invitation we never got.
     How could we have?
For, it was buried beneath coral and lamprey,
     meant only
for the minor gods of magma and pumice;
     for the soft-boned fish,
born in the teeth of the mako,
     circling in waters above.