Leaving an Empty Bottle of Wine Along the Windowsill of a Canal Boat


FISA light is
          FISA light is
     knowing what you're
             knowing what you're


   I have been in bed
              late at night
          happy where I was.
     When I got up
           the cupboard poured me
        No one else was up yet,
            I was the only person awake
            in the entire world.


    Moscow mule, Moscow million.
 Moscow million, I
          don't want to fight you.
   My country hasn't
                       the troops.
       Contrary to what your man
       read over my shoulder
                    on the plane —
  The soldiers are not feeling the wood, 
    they're felling the wood.
 You know,
           getting ready to write
       really old,
           long-old novels.
     Wire between their
         fingers & wire in
   their brains.   Wire, already,
   on their deforested teeth.

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