I have devised a new darts game called “Chaser” where darters get a point when they hit a sector (what is a point area called, a block, a slice?) with the third consecutive dart that’s hit that area (they do not have to hit it three straight times themself, they pick up where the previous player has left off). Say you throw three darts, your turn begins on an “open board.” You decide to go for three straight 20’s. You hit one, then another, so if you hit 20 again you get a point. But you miss. Your dart lands in “1.” I start my turn, with three darts. I have a “leg up” on “1.” I only have to hit it twice to get a point. I throw and hit “18.” So, now I can still try to hit eighteen a second and third time. I have no other choice (sometimes double bulls is a point in and of itself, but not in this instance). So I hit “6” with my next shot, not a very impressive turn so far. Yet, the game is forgiving. I have a chance to shoot at the bullseye circle. If I hit a double bulls, I get one point, AND I get the darts back with an open board. If I hit the outer bulls, I don’t get a point but I get the darts back with an open board.

If a player hits a sector with a third consecutive dart, the darter gets to keep shooting at that sector, with each additional consecutive hit being one point.

Let’s say you have an open board. You throw at 20, and you hit it. But your next throw is a five. What do you want to do? Throw at the bulls for the chance of getting the darts back (and maybe a point, too). So you try to hit bulls but you hit 5 AGAIN. Ouch. Your turn is over and you have “put me in the saddle” on five.

I get up and throw one, two, three fives. The first hit was one point (the third consecutive dart to hit 5). The second and third throws are also one point apiece. Now I am “running” on five. It’s my turn again. I hit one five, then another, both hits worth one apiece and I am still running on five. My next hit lands OUT OF BOUNDS. Ouch! Now my turn is over and YOU are running on five!

You get the idea. There are some more complications when darts go out of bounds. But the game has quirks with what it allows in certain circumstances.
It will take a lot of playing to work them out.

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