America Under Attack

This is jihad, know it?
Call them bastards, Mr. Senator.
Run it as a headline.
It’s an assault on our lifestyle.

Metal is scattered in Somerset County.
Flight 11, that left Boston for Los Angeles?
Only went so far as New York.
Flight 77, from Washington to LA?
No further than the Pentagon.

Divert things to Canada.
Take care not to inhale billowing smoke.
Evacuation! Lock down! The Capitol!
“We had no intelligence on this….”
This is the result of complacency!
Today, our gov’t failed the American people.

They hit our Economic center.
They hit our State building.
They hit our Defense building.

Giving blood
is completely safe & perfectly necessary.
The hospitals
are packed and absolutely overwhelmed.

This is staggering!
What does the Taliban spokesman say?
We say: “This is war in the 21st century.”

Wakil Ahmed Mutawaked.
How do you pronounce that?
“This is an act of war by madmen.”

No warning,
no credible claims of responsibility.
Bin Laden’s group has issued denials.

We will have to go to space where they can’t get us.
Disneyworld, Disneyland: they’re closed.
The U.S. will hunt down & punish
those who were responsible for the attack.

“When you have a free and open country
we are vulnerable to this sort of thing.”

They are calling it an act of war
i.e. Archduke Ferdinand
i.e. the Zimmerman Note
i.e. the Gulf of Tonkin.

The resolve of our nation is being tested.
Make no mistake.
Our country will pass this test.

“Hm, hmm…” bin Laden scratches his chin
at age 18. “Let’s get some bombs.”
He reaches into his pocket and
finds some currency. “I’ve got
ten shillings, how much do you guys have?”

The American ideal is to lose life
but to gain its cause.

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