What are differences but hollow perceptions?
Am I different, am I weird?
I don’t think so, but maybe others do.
And why, I want to know!
Because I’m reticent and like odd things?
And who says my things are odd? I like them.
All my life, people scorn me for playing on differences.
But I didn’t and I don’t. So why is it that
I must be scorned because of perceptions astray?
What are we but people? Do we all not eat,
and drink, and sleep in the same manner?
If we were not weird, wouldn’t we be boring?
I ask why we must rely on our five senses
to make our choices, and not the lone sense that
is all that really matters.

In stating our differences and grouping with our
commonalities we only make things worse.
By raising the fact that we are physically and
mentally and intelligently different, we only bridge
the gap between our similarities.
So I ask again, how are we truly different?
And why must we act based on these false beliefs?
You and I are one, and the same, our blood springs
from Eden, and our consciousness is pooled from all of
those that walked this Earth before us.
Where do the differences come from?


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