Just about two years Ago

Standing, leaning along curving stone wall out in Front of Law School. Had lunch: pepercorn turkey on whole wheat, Grey Poupon, American cheese single; gala apple from Washington; and a choclate peanut butter Odwalla Bar. It’s not cold out here, a bit cool maybe. My hands are dry and crackling around the knuckles.

I am standing up which is about the only thing I can do to stay awake. My Torts class is at 12:37, which is coming up shortly. After that, contracts. Then I get on the Bus (#22) and go home. It’s sunny, which my gray coat soaks up rather well.

Someone downwind has lit a cigarette, which makes me think about having one. Maybe when I get home. That could keep me awake, too. Gotta roll.

Stay whole, not an ass-hole, don’t cajole, play your role, & Vote for Dole.


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