Sucky Memory

oh cloud, you’re so white & puffy
like my sucky memory
used to be so good
victim of irony, paradox
times are good only while happening
only physical evidence lasts
scrapes and receipts
indiscrete e-mails
my head a balloon
fog inside mylar
deflating when i lay it down
gotta fill it up again
the morning after

curse myself curse the night
curse inertia and all smiles
jostle me, jostle you
strobe light makes things funky
sometimes calls for use
of semi-automatic defibrillators

more myself then or now?
yes & no, two selves
jiggled across the corpus callosum

one part sheared
off from the rest
both sides resent
coming back together

someone stops me says
you danced with me the other day
no, you must be mistaken
that musta been jack

we’re physically twinned,
but of different minds

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