Personally? I blame the birds.

Last night was OK. The law school SBA had a $1k bar tab so I had about five free whiskey and cokes, although there was hardly any whiskey in them. The bar sucked. The music sucked. Mostly hip-hop. I was out there dancing on this little shitty dance floor (with a big TV projection screen behind it—how cool!) But I was pretty much dancing by myself for a good 15 minutes. So that was a little embarassing. So I just left. Walked home, cursing the air, my hair pretty much full of sweat. Two miles, one hell of a workout. I grabbed several different kinds of flowers, anything I saw. Some rosemary. And I’ve got my bouquet in the green vase. Almost lost my unchained keys, twice, while pulling off yellow flowers from a bush near my a-p-t.

The birds wouldn’t let me sleep this morning. Even after I popped some Tylenol PM. White-winged doves asking, “Who cooks for you?” The blue jays jaying, the mockingbirds mocking. The starlings whistling back to their families in europe.

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