Coming around at 9:11

Iranian TV claims at least 20 people killed and eight wounded in US air raids against Herat in western Afghanistan…Taliban vows movement won’t hand over Osama bin Laden…[ooh]…even at the cost of every life in Afghanistan…Secretary of State Powell says administration’s vision of a post-Taliban Afghanistan involves the country’s exiled King playing an important role comma able to rally all the elements together…stay with FOX stay with FOX News for the latest on the war on terror…FOX…log on to for the very latest on the war on terror…FOX…NYC says its casualty figures are still changing…the latest numbers of missing at the WTC site colon 4339 semi-colon 478 bodies recovered semi-colon 425 identified including 79 firefighters…FOX…189 people die at Pentagon semi-colon 44 at Pennsylvania crash site…FOX…seventy-one soldiers and civilian rescue workers medals for their response on the September 11th attack on the Pentagon…FOX…front seats at Greyhound buses now off-limit to passengers under security rules…[I’m switchin alright I’m switchin I wanna find some C-SPAN, can hear my phone ring, “Hello?”]

Oh no…insane…?…Brian & Rosemary comparison to America and other countries…why do I feel like right now like the conservative peoples…seem to think they’re very close-minded…liberal is able to see other objectives. There’s like one objective in the conservative agenda…and that was the thing that was pissing me off about Eric. He wouldn’t give me time to see that. He harangues me; when I said my father donated to charity he said, “Oh, that’s probably just so he can have a tax deduction.” … What kind of asshole says that about your father? What a little prick. If you know you’re right, the best way for other people to know that…you can’t say it, you have to have other people realize it. That’s the secret to being right: letting other people realize it. Not forcing it.

Star-spangled mints: NC candy co. can’t keep up with demand for red white and blue peppermints. CNN Britain colon 200 commando royal marines available immediately to join military campaign…CNN…Israel to pull out of Bethlehem, Beit Jala today…CNN…CNN presents colon quote unquote investigating terror with Willow Bay…today comma 2pm ET on CNN…CNN…5000 armed Pakistanis cross into northwest Afghanistan to fight Taliban (?)…CNN…CDC: as many as 20,000 people in US currently taking antibiotic CIPRO…CNN…Wash Post: FBI and CIA believe anthrax is domestic terrorism not bin Laden…CNN…2.6 magnitude quake shakes up Manhattan…CNN…Miami Herald: Feds will test for anthrax in cars and apartment of suspected hijackers…CNN…second indictment issued against Ohio congressman James Trapicant semi-colon charges include obstruction of justice…CNN…heavy bombing occurred around Kabul Friday comma destroying several warehouses in a Red Cross compoun…CNN…state department dot quote unquote religious freedom report slams Afghanistan Myanmar China Iran Iraq Sudan and North Korea…[Hm]…CNN…North Korea shuns US calls for renewed talks cites Washington’s quote viscious hostile poli—

[Tape END “April END” SIDE A]

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