‘Member the anthrax attacks?

…OJ Simpson found not guilty in road rage trial…CDC confirms 62 cases of Dengue fever in Hawaii; fever transmitted by infected mosquitoes…Hawaii Department of Health says no evidence that outbreak is related to recent bio-terrorist attacks…Microsoft releasing its new computer desktop operating system, Windows XP semi-colon system offers new features for music listening playing videos editing and organizing digital photos semi-colon Bill Gates denies Microsoft improperly crushes competition. FOX. Continued live coverage on FOX News Channel. Two red arrows pointing to the right. War on Terror dot dot dot FOX: America Strikes Back dot dot dot Here’s the latest from FOX news dot dot dot FOX On Wall Street, stock prices edged upward…DOW Industrials gained 5 points to close at 9,345…NASDAQ picks up 27 to close at 1731 and the S&P 500 closes up .42 to 1085…FOX…House narrowly passes stimulus package to inject 100 million into economy over next year through business tax breaks and checks to workers who didn’t reap benefits from earlier income tax rebates…Federal Reserve survey: no sector of economy safe from economic shock delivered by September 11th attacks…the big boy’s gettin’ hurt; that, that’s big…Sears is cutting 4900 jobs over the next 18 months…Eastman Kodak cutting 4000, 5.1% of the total payroll…we are just casting ourselves off…President Bush says US is winning anti-terror war on both fronts unquote comma in Afghanistan and protecting America…FOX…HHS Secretary Thompson announces 300 million for immediate grants to cities and states affected by anthrax attacks…FOX…Funds designated for NY, NJ, DC & FL for surveillance comma protection and confirmation of anthrax cases…FOX…stay with FOX News for more on the cost of freedom and developments in the business world…FOX…[sigh]…three inhalation anthrax deaths in the U dot S dot semi-colon two in DC, one in Florida…FOX…second employee at “New York Post contracts skin anthrax…FOX…anthrax discovered in freight elevator bank at Hart Senate Office building comma same building housing office of Senate minority leader Daschle comma where anthrax letter was sent…FOX…six patients admitted this week to Holy Cross hospital in Silver Spring comma Maryland for possible anthrax infection semi-colon all now in stable condition…FOX…preliminary anthrax tests negative on 120 White House mail sorters…FOX…Postmaster General colon Thre are no guarantees US mail is safe semi-colon but the risk of anthrax is small…FOX…Public health experts advise Americans to wash their hands after handling mail [snicker]…FOX…Postal Service VP declares DC postal facility where 2 dead employees worked quote a crime scene because someone has been murdered endquote…FOX…Postal Service offers Cipro to 7000 employees of six Manhattan post offices that may have handled anthrax-contaminated letters to NYC news media…FOX…CDC battered by charges it was slow treating postal employees but quick to respond to anthrax scare in Congress admits it didn’t think anthrax could have escaped from sealed letters…[ohh, shit…]…FOX…drug maker Bayer agrees to provide US government with Cipro for 95 cents a tablet semi-colon deal saves government 82 million for 102 million Cipro pills semi-colon but agreement doesn’t cover private sales of drug which retails for 4 to 5 dollars a pill…FBI checked 2500 reports of possible exposure semi-colon investigators say most were hoaxes…FOX…numbers involved fighting potential smallpox attack colon Feds say they need 250 million more doses of smallpox vaccine semi-colon 15 million doses currently available semi-colon Britain promises 54 million doses of vaccine by end of next year semi-colon drug companies promise they’ll help build US stockpile comma but haven’t produced smallpox vaccine since 1980…FOX…NYC mayor Giuliani urges people to get flu shots for their health and to avoid developing early symptoms that might be mistaken for anthrax…FOX…here’s some useful websites…end— [to commercial]

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