Stayin dark longer


jopo wrote a poem said
so i make bologna
said staying dark longer
said (what was that
eye-talian phrase you used?)

oh god…i’ve fried
myself on yet another night,
stayin out longer,
flush with small bills and
reducing my
legal costs by
going to law school?

dance, mon frer, stop
biting your nails. let other
countries make the dollar bills
let us make the art. search for
these terms in google:
miami car dealer suicide and fire.

random is beautiful, e.g.
impatientist painters
burning down buildings
paranoid and planting
their faces in concrete?


i admit i’m a starving artist type
(except I’m not starving). but
ask yourself this: if you
ain’t gonna paint who is?
are we alive to solve
theeconomy’s problems?
anything to hide is
nothing to live for i’ll
communicate only by painting
try me, and i will.

of course I’m livin in
fear, man, I’m breakin the
law evuh-ree-day.
perhaps it’s climate change?


ride me all night, we will both love it
lay me down for rest when the time comes
let the wave pass over me and i will.

i don’t necessarily want to, but i will.

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