Something or nothing

mortgage jade alito blog
where’s the f-ing remote?

darts johnny c. waziristan the dollar
no idea how that got there

ahmadinejad bird flu hierophany
fodder for the world’s great supply chain

afternoon coffee drinker bernanke
play some ambient now, so we can chill out


antitrust IAEA baseball ERISA
Don’t talk to me talk to Willie Shake.
shake-shake-shake, shake-shake-shake—

abramoff al jazeera federalism
When you gonna e-mail me back?

I hear echoes…
…gonna be a lawyer…
…get rid of it…
…other people’s memories…
bin laden zawahiri zarqawi

high note: hit it!


Go deeper.

renaissance etf acrylic donny rum rum
That’s news, my friend.

I’m out there workin for a living.
Out where?
make a living
make a difference
make whoopee
careful i’m right here
prime real estate H5N1 78703

Ray calls.
Whatcha doin?
oh, nuthin just
hangin with my plant,
bein an artist,
workin the dark like von plessen

not your scene?
naw, not my scene man
i don’t think you have a scene
i never said i did

Then what are you doing here?


She’s comin down now, boys!

swimmin by myself
at a faster tempo
‘cause china will neither confirm
nor deny that
it loves me

fourth down…
…it’s been a bad week for the democrats…
…the canadian dollar is a resource-backed currency…
pipeline blair greenspan the deep blue sea

too much time?
is that possible?


hang up and drive
john was here
gate cheney MLK c-span
ray em nick brook

have you ever watched a candle burn?

new york city
one federal reserve note

ok, sir, open the door
i’m done now—
ready to let the wave
pass over me


i can’t wait til you get here, baby
i gonna show you the mother of good times

will our eyes be closed
or open?

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