Ron Wotus

I. Ron Wotus

Not real recently but not
too long ago either
I was nice to her I
passed her concerns along…

II. It

It’s, ah, it’s somethin else, man.
It’s almost 4:20 and you
know what that means.
Maybe we can get some of this stuff published
call it,

III. What People Are Sayin ‘Bout Us

I’m still thinkin it would
work best as a play
we’ll figure out an ornate solution
to encircle the pot plant
to keep our feet cold
to always have a lighter nearby,
one with protection from the wind?
and rain-proof rain clothes
borrowed from the Gypsies
makin great art and sellin it
from below Joseph’s apartment.

IV. Lefties

Whew…i could use-a-smoke
let’s go to the Hawpe—Brad Hawpe

No Jack, the Honda, the Honda
Are we lost?

Tom Martin on for the Rockies.
All you’ll see is lefties.
Are you serious?
Yeah, there’s tons of ’em up there

V. Luna

yeah, there is
but part of it is hidden, buried
maybe to come out someday—but who knows
the rest I’ve worked out,
out of me through my art

suicide the reifier
make me famous, cuz
Shawn Camp
Hector Luna

Luna is mine!

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