There Are No Illusions Here

A triangle

     with one long side

          and two very short


          is not much of

               a triangle

It is me

          discovering the internet

               a fourth line

          to double the degrees

               to create a rhombus—

               one that makes sense

                    only in 3-d.

               cow angel

               clown angels

               cow clowns

          What I am talking about is

               the whole white chandelier thing

               the whole e-mail

                    not just the part that

          has been blacked out—

          what did it say, black

                    lace maybe?

                    see through?

          just the thought of

          my body doin one thing

          my mind in

          another place entirely…

And now we’ll sit down

               and our chairs’ll
               scratch the floor

               and we’ll

               smoke cigarettes

               drink coffee

               try not to think
               about anything else

               just try to get
               through the morning,
               the evening

               the night,

               this bad

                    this bad thing

          this bad thing

               happened to them

               the sound of sirens

                              I hate the sound of
                              sirens, like
                              cash machines
                              ringing, and no one

                         there to close
                         the drawer

          police police cars in the

          driveway I look out

          and what looks like my

          car is bigger and has

          a light array on top.

                    I am crouching

                              waiting for the
                         knock on the door

                              waiting for the moustached men
                                        To Kick It In

          he knew this day
                              would come,

                                        they’ll say,

          he knew this day would come,

     but not so soon.

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