Back In The Army

by R.L. Wisdom

So much depends
on an empty bottle of wine.
I ask the girl I love,
What is music?
She says, It’s the sound
of ‘getting people taken care of.’
We went out on a date
but I forgot the details.
We were going to have sex
but then we didn’t.
It was the future.  We flew
in fast, tube-like cars.
I dropped her off.
When I got home she was there again.
We sat on the couch
getting drunker & drunker.
I woke up at 9:30, late for drill.
The platoons had forty too many.
The DS was young, good-looking, and female.
The doorbell rang.
It was the girl from last night
and her friend, Sunny.
That’s how this all started.
I’m back in the Army,
going 1767 mph across a lake.
When I stop I’m only going 300.

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