All I Got From Finnegan’s Wake

Out of the question? Sure.
My dad’s got an
airline out of there called
One-twenty one-way.
Tell the reverend
not to get too formal, though.
I don’t know.
You can’t wrap it around you.
You’re gonna have to
wrap it around you.
Where’s the clock, sir?
Someone should be coming.
No way.
I remember,
he’s a year old.
You think I’m gonna
write something
about him
when he’s only
a year old?
Who needs a lawyer?

Nod, nod, big story
Big game
high revenue tonight
Toast the
assembly lines
Keep moving
You want a doctor,
how about Dr. Burns?
Oh, you want an eye doctor,
try ah…

Stents are like pennies—
they get dirty.
They’re cheap.
Are you happy?
It’s alright
Texas doesn’t feel any
allegiance to him:
An outrageous
I don’t care kind of
I hate zinfandel

There are so many people out
there    How can you write
about that.  Time
you write it all the
numbers have
Names, too.
You get a hot day, you get a
hospital bed, you get a few good ideas,
one great one,
at least You
think it’s great

And you’re grateful for it
and the radiator
makes noises to
keep you warm.

Bunk, fever, bum

Yeah, some of the
doggerel that’s in my
pockets at work
They give me free
nachos all summer long
the summer’s so long
I will write no more
Defence lawyer
said not to of course
he don’t know what
he’s talking about I got the
whole story right here
You got good eyes
More, in a package not just sight
we really could charge
per guy per game
to occur
but I’m not interested
I don’t want to occur
want to get off

Nowhere and nowhere that saves
where people fuck because it’s late
and not because they have to
You sure have them on in
the slammer, some meds
guy has a store asks me to stay
by has me covered
political, the second one
So you would go in there & you’d tape the whole thing?
What time would you be in
to work the next day?
Sooner than after mango punches.
The fruity shit.  We love it,
supposedly.  No thanks,

I’ll walk past the open
casket of the village voice
with my eyes closed,
if you don’t mind.

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