An Impatientist In Baltimore!

I was knocked to the ground earlier today when I did a Google search for “impatientist” and came across this article about a Baltimore painter who calls himself an “impatientist”.  Here is the thrust of the column (which is about Baltimore schools):

“Raoul Middleman, one of Baltimore’s great artists, teachers and raconteurs, calls himself an “impatientist” with the brush, and if you’ve ever experienced the glory of his presence – when Middleman paints or talks about his paintings – you quickly get what he means. John Dorsey, the former Sun art critic, once described the impatientist style as “a combination of energy, quickness of mind and the urgent need for self-expression.” I think the impatientist spirit has a lot to do with fear of death and the desire to make your time in this life meaningful – for yourself and as many others as possible, as soon as possible.

We don’t have enough impatientists making policy in Baltimore and Maryland.”

What is uncanny is not that two separate styles of painting/art would appear in two very different geographic locales but that the Sun art critic above describes the impatientist style (what I call impatientism) much as I would.  Energy and the urgent need for self-expression.   That is right on.  This is a great day for impatientism.  You can read more about impatientism at the Impatientism site.

All this said, Mr. Middleman’s Impatientism looks nothing like the impatientist paintings I started doing last year. Perhaps they are more reminiscent of a looser style of impatientism, like that of Joseph Portera.  In any case, it’s the spirit of producing art that is paramount and the “impatientism” moniker seems to fit both approaches.

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