Tricky Troika: An Entertainment

by J Randall & R Wisdom

Afghanistan is dicey these days!  You’ve got the Taliban back on the mend, gearing up for that big Spring Offensive, bombs going off all over the place.  And Cheney was there last week.  Oh, yeah.  He almost got killed.  But you know what would happen if Cheney died—

        Bush would be President.


I was reading the paper this morning, and I saw that Vice President Cheney had a blood-clot in his leg.  Oh, yeah.  Cheney is supposedly going to be alright, but you know, if he died, Bush would be dickless.


Yeah, Vice President Cheney made a surprise visit to Afghanistan last week.  Did you hear about that?  Even though his trip was unannounced the security was still really tight and Cheney was under a lot of pressure.  And, you know, I was thinking.  If he has another heart attack, Pelosi’s gonna be President.

          [Third and final rimshot]

          [Arm flap,
          “Goodnight everybody!”
          Exit stage left.]

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