Landscape:  Connecticut 2/07

          along the long, tidal river
                     an indian word meaning
               college towns
                     a good use of land
                          pine and droopy fir
                          pinecones growing thick
                                 this time of year
               hike anywhere
               hike in your backyard
               up one of those hills
               see a warehouse from there
                                                                  a pond
          industry then forest
          forest then industry
          subdivisions before subdivisions
               advent and yellow buses
               bright as the low-hanging moon
                                 trucking its way through winter-white
                                 & brown/green
          undisturbed trees are islands
                     in a tobacco farmer’s fields
                     red barns for drying
                     long as a runway

          europe colony connecticut

                     a highway knowing where to go
                     a river not dammed
                                 happy with ice
                     its fish headed south
                                 for a night
                                 in the sea-borne city.

          They swim with the lights of disco in their eyes.

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