distinct observations of the 1st kind

by the cbw

helicopters, distant hammering, trees rustlin, plants tussling, a crack-house green-house, dirty white chairs, car engines, pots, pans being pounded, faint TV (very faint), craigs list furniture, ants, a dangerous looking hammock nestled in the ominous shadow, some pot, some water, some sot who sought to wrought a write under a rotten umbrella, flies buzzing, kitchen tinkering, hidden keys, dunhill (full flavor), matches + bic lighter (red), pink railings, one branch of (red) roses, bamboo shoots, a pause, then a breeze, garden hose hidden in only green patch of otherwise dead back-lawn grass, strange bird in house, rugs both rolled and un-rolled, crushed red pepper next to umbrella handle; poll w/ umbrella handle and supporting useful umbrella, picnic table bench that can comfortably support three people of appropriate body-mass-index, five used matches, two fully smoked butts (one marlboro) resting comfortably in the crack of a well-worn picnic table of the typical burgundy hue, cell-phone, pen, ink, motion captured right her……

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