Ezra Ain’t Easy

     I could’ve gone
to see Pound while he was
still in the hospital.
But my mother-in-law hates him
     and it would’ve killed her.
So I just let
           the crazyman be;
     him & Fords,
     Jags, Land Rovers, etc.
One of the
           must-read poets
     said he couldn’t write
           with stubble on his chin;
     called for
           a holiday for writing.
In other words,
     a good time
     to swear off coffee,
     not to get too gassed.
                        Ezra Brooks
bourbon you say you
           were drinking.
But why then
     do I smell lime
     on your breath—
I am not a teetotaller,
     not a prohibitionist. I know
     there is no cuba libre 
for whiskey,
     none for fascists
the world around.

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