Foil’s War

Making it something
          than that which it IS
                      . . .

  surrounded by a crowd
                        easy 2
                 do my own thang

                         no crowd

                          no thang

       *    *  *     * *  *        *

      I’ve heard German, I’ve heard French

         I got a smile from the coffee wench

                    *    *

We saw my dad at the airport.  He
did not see us.  He was at that point
when he was putting his property onto
the conveyor.  We were coming down the
chute.  I felt it was too late to turn
back.  I hoped to catch his attention
when we came out.  But alas we
could not.  I was not willing to be loud.  But
we saw him there, absent of belt, wiled of
hair.  In his mind, he was hurrying to
see us disembark…

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