I’m Either Going to Hell or I’m Going Home

1.   from these veins…

2.  How did I get here?

3.   friend —

4.   What time is it?

5.   waterproof.

6.   It’s water-resistant,

7.   right, it says
         it’s six

8.   No, that’s right.

9.   crystallized
           not shivered
        not shriveled
       crystallized and bloomed!

-9.  This is where the cracks that formed

-8.  Hell of a watch
           my friend,
              my fiend,
         my friendly fiend…

-7.  Tap, tap.  Tap, tap.
       That can’t be

-6.  up to 90 feet…

-5.  I hope that watch is

-4.  (also blank)

-3.  It’s called the deep end,

-2.  (blank)

-1.  I’m bleeding whiskey

[refract title]  not sure /
                I’ll find out when I get there. [title refracted]

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