Bad dream about being trapped on a Houston oil tanker.  I was being lied to, it was a big conspiracy.  I got in a truck of Chinese speakers leaving the base where the tanker was set up but I was still on edge.  We were driving out of the area, all these migrants in the road.


Elsewhere, lying in a bed with George Clooney, Catherine Z. Jones, and Meg M. (from Wash U).  Brook was in the apt.  It was some big party.  I remember thinking I was gonna call my mom and tell her I was in bed with George Clooney!


Then Brook met Jackie.  Jackie’s aunt had just died and she had other issues.  Brook was glad Jackie wasn’t staying and said so jokingly.  But Jackie didn’t take it as a joke.  Bad spot.


Then a bottle rocket landed in My Collar.  I was paralyzed but grabbed it and rolled over on it so it exploded under my right shoulder.


see the cbw response here

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