Straw Poll

Me, Ray, and Brook were doing some kind of straw poll.  But Ray seemed to think his vote was representative of the group.  It was the Republican primary.  He picked Romney, McCain, and Huckabee.  I didn’t want Romney but Ray was being so stubborn and never even asked us to form some kind of consensus.  So I put it to Brook and she agreed: Ron Paul instead of Mitt Romney.  I said, Two out of three wins in a democracy.


Some other miscellaneous threads:

° I was a cop or game warden along the Gulf Coast or somewhere.  I arrested these guys for selling dogs.  They were surprised they were arrested.  I was on a boat (their boat).  Cages in the water.  The boat floated off twenty feet and I used something like an oar to get it back.

° In a house—whose house?  Had elements of Ray and Em’s, as being in a city, but it was a new place—I recall something about Emily being out of town.  Her friends were around and so were some of her things.  There was some rough weather outside.  On a third or second floor you could walk out onto a roof patio that used to be a room.  So you had mossy brick all around but it was open air with a view of the city.  Pretty neat.

° Something about working out with a women’s softball or volleyball team.  Reluctantly deciding to do laps.  I had already worked out.

° At a church or religious building.  Waiting for Brook.  Go outside and get harassed by some Hispanics who’re asking for money so they could go to the doctor.  They follow me back inside.  Eventually I turn around and ask them what their problem is.  Something allows us to reconcile…


see the cbw response here

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