Eric / Balloon / Rice Bowl

Eric in my dream once again…Stacey Light and Lee Hoffer…

Me in a closet looking at computer porn on an old Mac laptop while Lee and Stacey talked about something in the room.  Well, I closed the laptop when I heard them coming in, but I stayed silent in the closet a long time while they conversed.

I got a phone call in the closet.  It was Eric.  He identified himself as Eric.  But then when we started talking he acted like he didn’t know me and then he acted like he wasn’t Eric Peters…


I knew there was more to my dream, and it is this:

I was part of a group that set out floating around the world with big balloons attached to themselves by harness.  I was getting ready to go on a journey with my balloon; I was sent to the East Coast.  I don’t know what the point was.   You travel close to the ground in these balloons; how any real transportation is physically possible this way I don’t know.  Which is probably why I remember being in the parking lot at Wash U during the dream.  Other people were sent to Africa, the West Coast, far away places.  And I was sent to the East Coast, but I never left the parking lot of Wash U.  Perhaps my job was to stay afloat in one spot long enough to raise awareness for my cause, whatever that was.  I seem to remember catching the press’s attention by staying aloft; like when people go up on a scaffold for three weeks and don’t come down—raising money or awareness for a cause.  This was like that.  I remember wondering and worrying what food I’d take with me—cereal bars?  And I remember Courtney Reiss being in the dream.  Maybe a Courtney/Brook hybrid.


Got some calea z herb in the mail today from Basement Shaman.  Smoked a half bowl of it when I got home from work around 5:45p.  Read for awhile.  Feel asleep on the bed with the lights on and a rice bowl dinner in the oven.  This was at 7:30p.  Woke up at 10:05p completely confused.  I wasn’t sure how long I’d been asleep, what time I fell asleep.  I felt pretty well-rested and a vague sensation of a dream: something about forms or filling out forms.  Maybe a carnival setting from Ishmael or something like the spaceship from 8 1/2.  Took a piss and remembered about rice bowl. 


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