"Yeah, you’ve got an egg in there for protein, that’s good. But… ."

Big thread I recall was me (and perhaps Brook and Ray but maybe just me) surrounded by a setting of war.  Either civil war or invasion of the homeland.  I/we went on something of a recon mission but maybe we were just trying to get away from where we were.  Anyhow, we got caught.

They hauled us in front of their leadership committee.  We all seemed to know each other.  We tried to laugh it off, kind of saying everyone should be cool, we weren’t armed, we weren’t up to anything, etc.

I don’t quite remember what happens from here.  I believe they turned us loose.


I am just now recalling a crazy thread involving a serial killer at a department store.  I was there.  It starts out in a deep, byzantine basement.  Very scary.  Like I/we were being hunted.

Very scary.

But also no one knows who is dangerous.

Very trippy.

Sort of like a Sylar figure is on the loose.  I remember getting up to street level, a big lobby.  Panic.  People freaking out.  Nothing is settled.


The only other tidbit I recall is making a big bowl of stir-fry, maybe with noodles.  I put an egg in it and some veggies.

Phil Williams comes along and seems disappointed with what I put into the dish.

He says, “Yeah, you’ve got an egg in there for protein, that’s good.  But… .”

And I ask him what else he would have put in there—i.e. for protein—and he doesn’t have an answer.


see the cbw response here

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