St. Louis to Portland in Ten Minutes

EmFamm was in an early thread.  That’s all I remember of it.

Somewhere along the way I was doing a crossword and “impatientism” was an answer.  I was pretty amazed that anyone knew what it was.

I was walking through St. Louis with my sister.  She was walking through some strange areas and I was wondering where the heck she was going.  But then we stumble onto some sort of Pool District.  A couple of big public swimming pools.  She wants to go swimming.  I follow along.  She goes up this enormous tiered high dive.  Several boards and you could jump from what seemed like hundreds of feet.  A bit too high for me.  I walked back down.

Last thread.  I discover that I can drive from St. Louis to Portland in ten minutes.  It was just down Hanley (or Delmar?).  You just drive along and bang!, there’s Portland.  Wow.  It did look like I remembered.  I parked this truck I was driving.

I walked away for a couple minutes.  I come back and some guys are taking the stuff out ‘the back of my truck.  I was like, “What the fuck are you doing?”

There was a scuffle.  I yelled out at this parked cop car that I saw.  They come running.  But before they get there one of the guys tries to stab me by reaching behind my back.  I grabbed his wrist and stopped him.  I think I then stabbed him.

The cops said they had been tailing these guys for awhile.


read the cbw response here

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