Belleville Coke

Me, my mom, and my dad going somewhere to buy cocaine.  Why?  I have no idea.  Somehow this was connected to my previous dream with the odd transportation/train tubes over water (Steven’s death).

Anyway, we plan to buy this cocaine from some drug dealer from U City who was growing tomato plants in front of his house.  The tomatoes on them didn’t look so good and I had second thoughts.  I said that we should just let it go and Dad got mad about this.

I thought we’d get caught.  “The guy’s growing tomato plants in his front yard for chrissake!”  I said.

My logic in the dream was that he was also probably growing other things and he was probably under surveillance by cops.  But I was also afraid of my dad actually going into the house of the drug dealer; and I was thinking of the awkwardness if I’d have gone in with him.


Yeah so in a second thread I’m in an old bedroom and I’m peeping out across the lake at the S household….  So I was looking through blinds with binoculars.  It seems I was alone in my house so there wasn’t any worry there as far as who could walk into my room.  But there were two spooky things:

First, two of the S family somehow knew that I was looking at them.  The first time I looked over I saw J-A like standing at a washer and she was hugely pregnant (which certainly hasn’t been the case for about 30 years).  Again I looked and T and J-A were like performing this little sex show for me, like, “Hi J!”

Second, I wondered how in the hell they could see me.  It seemed that there were lamps on in my room and I didn’t know how that could be.  I turned them off but had problems either turning them down all the way or getting them to stay off.


Driving around in like downtown Belleville—could be connected to first thread—something about me, Ray, cocaine.  When somehow I’m told to go to this church where apparently my sister is getting married—oh, yes.
Driving around downtown Belleville—except of course it wasn’t really downtown Belleville—when all of these firetrucks and ambulances go by.  
Either I follow them or they happen to be going where we’re going.
I get to the church where I guess my sister was getting married and all of these ambulances and firetrucks are there so I’m thinking like suicide bomber blew himself up or something but all’s it is is some horse went fucking crazy outside the church and wrecked a bunch of shit and injured people.  I don’t think anyone was killed.

cbw’s reactions, supposedly fun, were something I feared he might never do again
but then he did

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