Power Co.

I had an odd dream about my parents.  They were getting enormous checks from the power company.  One was for $445,000.  I tried asking Mom about it.

When they were gone, but with my brother around, I grabbed their checkbook to look at its history, balance, etc.  I was on edge as it was but then (it was dark) someone was knocking on a seldom used back door.  Who the hell was it?

I grabbed a weapon (a broom?  a bat?) and went to see it was Mom, who seemed to sense what I’d been doing, and who had in either hand these metal, seasonal figurines of angels with trumpets blaring (a gift from Aunt Suzan).  She carried them as a winning actor carries an Oscar off of the stage.

Then, same thread but different act, upstairs in the den is a doctor who has made a house call to examine me.  It was something about my sexual organ—frightful!  But it was quite dim in the den and we were all trying all of the lamps to get a better light.


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