Dancing Rabbit

OK, this dream begins in a massive skyscraper where I’m working.  The building has a mall in the lower floors.  I’m on lunch brak, roughly.  I’ve got grass in my pocket.

As I’m in the store, someone gets killed.  The killer is on the loose.  I am worried I’ll be searched and arrested for carrying grass.  I get on an elevator.  It’s moving slowly.  I, or someone, make a crack about Tom DeLay only to realize he is on the elevator.

As I recall, once I get off of the elevator I am back at Thom’s eco-village, Dancing Rabbit.  It has changed.  It’s been built up.  I proceed to get very drunk or perhaps I am drugged.  First though was a bit a kayaking.  Justin Gdula is in a kayak, much to my surprise.  But we don’t really talk.

Anyway, I get all messed up.  I get naked.  Thom’s people are now carrying me, maybe to get me sent home.  As I’m being carried (by one girl?) I come to, and I’m suddenly very lucid.  I still act like I’m passed out, though.  I want to listed to what they’re saying and see what all is around.

There’s now a full-fledged Steak ‘n Shake in the town/village and I wonder how it suddenly rose up and why Thom didn’t tell me about it before.

I am leaving or maybe Justin is.  I say, “I hardly got to talk to you.”  He says, “We talked whilst kayaking.”  And I say, “Not really.”


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