Me, Ray, Em, and Brook are on the street and some guy resembling Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite was trying to get us to renew our cellular phone service contracts.  I was totally into it despite this guy having no apparent legitimacy; he is sitting in a crappy fold-up chair at a crappy table.

But Em was very wary and said she wasn’t gonna do it.  Only at this point did I say, “Hell, maybe I’ll just let my contract expire and switch carriers, get a new phone.  What the hell!”

That thread fizzles and I’m frenetically uprooting this cannabis plant that’s been growing outside on what I guess was my property.  I believe I was afraid of having it discovered but I noted that it wasn’t budding and it didn’t look like much of a pot plant anyway.

At some point thereafter I am walking outside, not far from where I pulled up the plant but also with a building—perhaps an apartment building—in sight.  And I realize I’m dreaming.

Something struck me as absurd, completely illogical and I knew I was dreaming.  I said it to myself aloud in the dream.  But I don’t remember where it went from there.


Paso Robles, CA

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