Baseball Transcription Number 01


J   …down

E   What?

J   I’m just gonna have that rum.

E   Ok

J   You can write it down if you want to do your draft list.

E   Ok

J  You know, I think that’s worth doing.

E   I do have a notebook.

J   It’s worth doin’.

E   I got this notebook ’cause I loved the wiener dog on it.

J    Mmh.  Where is it from?

E   I got it at the bookstore.  It came in a pack of three.  And I like to write my budget in these.

Ok, we’ll see how the paper writes.  I don’t like the paper to be coated, I want it to be uncoated.

J   Yeah…

E   This feels a little coated.  Draft list….

J   Players that: there’s the category: it’s players that we can relate to one another without saying their name, meaning we have a nickname for them.

E   Yeah, it could be physical, it could be a mix of, ah, physical actions.

J   Features.  Physical actions, characteristics, things we’ve seen them do.

E   Distinctive.  So who was the first?

J   You said “The Licker” ?

E   The Licker…

J   That’s Mike Pelfrey.

E   Mike Palfrey.  See, when you say the name, I remember.

J  Who was with the Mets—

E   Yeah—

J    When we first saw him.  Doing his licking routine.  I don’t know if we saw him as a Twin, but he was in Minnesota.

E   Was that last year?

J   He was there last year, he mighta been there a year before that.  But, either way, now he’s in Detroit.

E   Well, what about Moose?

J    Ah…

E   Do you think a nickname falls into the category?  But—that’s kind of, like, physical?

J   I think that—  I think that counts.

E    But he…he looks kind of like a moose.

J   Well…I’m not sure how much of a moose he looks like.

E   He’s a big guy.  He’s a wide guy, like that

J   But I knew who you were talking about, that’s a valid nickname.  Another one we mentioned was Prince Fielder,

E   The Vegetarian

J    The Vegetarian

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