The Air Above, the Water Below

Backwards beryllium, controversial cesium.
A collection of crows is a murder, of turkeys a rafter.
I could sit here and spew facts all day.  The deepest
part of the ocean is the Mariana Trench.  It doesn’t
even matter how deep it is.  It is as deep as twice the
size of Texas.  It’s filling with garbage.  With
radioactive phytoplankton, loose wigs, bad gifts.
Ordinary oxygen, kleptomaniacal krypton.  Old folks
are being spotted flying hang gliders in their pyjamas.
No one knows why and of course the old folks say they remember nothing.
A siege of herons, a kettle of hawks, a party of jays.
Frantic fluoride, melancholy molybdenum, wayward wolfram.

When they land they wipe condensation from their glasses
with silted handkerchiefs,
and sigh.