Drunk e-mail I sent to Taylor

(Taylor is my pal from Wash U.)

The Beat goes on!

Well, Maddux had to get worse at some point. That and the fact that the Cubs suck. The season draws to a close. It’s too bad. There are games being played right now that I care so little about that I, despite my boredom, refuse to look at the box scores. Brook is in Michigan for Stephanie’s wedding. I have been drinking beer and trying to find something interesting. I am lamenting that I don’t have cable, for once.

But, ah, I checked MLBeat at one point this week and saw that you had revived it, and that gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. However, this feeling was soon quashed by the fact that I knew Maddux had just failed to win a game the day before and that your wish would not come true. Oh well. Anyway, I am starting to think more about my SF trip. I was thinking about visiting you and SF at some point over my spring break. However, it looks like Ray and I are going to hit Amsterdam at that point (wow, if you were there at the same time, that would be cool, wouldn’t it—first week of March?) So I am thinking California after I take the bar. Which would be in July/August.

In the meantime, I am interested in whatever it is you are writing. I am assuming MLBeat is not the only thing. I have got a blog going at hierophany.blogspot.com. I am currently trying to get some of my poems, essays, and transcripts up there. However, I am having a damned hard time trying to my blog to pop up when I do web searches. Advice? Think you could put a link to my blog on your blog? I have put a link to your blog on my blog.

You hanging with Nick Adams at all? I am not hanging with anybody. I’ve had about six beers, a percoset, and some John Ashcroft. Missing the old days when I could come to you place at Big Bend and Forsyth and sit out on that balcony! Member that time that the chair was somehow on your shoe? Damn.

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