Wiz and John for Cards Game 2

2:07 PM

John Randall: Wiz, give me about a half an hour and then we can start some iming…are you going to want to be iming during the game at all?

2:15 PM

rlwe9f: yo yo, I’ll put it up afterwards

John Randall: So, you are wanting to do a play-by-play-type im diablogue?

rlwe9f: no, I figure that I will denote the inning, but other than that, we”ll just talk about the game, and the other games that have been played…very casual.

John Randall: yeah, I didn’t mean every play, but I mean: something like we did during the world series as opposed to typing up transcripts?

rlwe9f: yeah

John Randall: No prob, so then I’ve got a little time to wrap something up (workwise) and then wrap something up (nonworkwise, wink wink)

rlwe9f: I’ll catch you at 3-ish

John Randall: alrighty

2:50 PM

John Randall: When Astacio pitches at home the vendors don’t sell peanuts, they sell pistachios. But seriously folks…

rlwe9f: Hey, I’m the star of this show…quit trying to upstage me.

John Randall: Are you watching on TV? I will be listening on MLB audio…we’ll have to figure out if there is any delay…

rlwe9f: yeah, espn for me…I doubt there will me much of a delay, maybe 5 seconds.

rlwe9f: With us typing, that is negligible.

John Randall: Yeah, you are probably right about that. I am looking forward to being able to sit down and actually watch the Braves/Astros.

John Randall: Did you stay up for the Yanks/Angels last night? I fell asleep with it on MLB radio. I woke up at about 11:30 and the Angels were coming up to bat in the bottom of the 8th with a 4-2 lead. I went back to bed.

rlwe9f: yeah, I watched it

rlwe9f: The results are all that matter.

John Randall: I read that the Yanks made a couple of errors, A-Rod and Wang. Cano looked shaky at second in the first game.

rlwe9f: A-rod boned one up big time, completely routine.

John Randall: What’s the weather report in St. Louis, Ray? Take a step out on your balcony and give us the readings.

rlwe9f: hold on…

John Randall: It is 75 degrees, sunny, and breezy in Austin. Delightful.

rlwe9f: …60 beautiful degrees

John Randall: Not bad. When’s So Taguchi gonna get some playing time in this series? The Cards need to put that bum Sanders on the bench.

rlwe9f: Stookey spent the night in jail

rlwe9f: I am getting the report as we speak

John Randall: Yikes. Please relay the report…

3:05 PM

rlwe9f: apparently, Stooks and a friend were leaving Harpo’s last night when they were blind-sided and beat down…When they came to, the police were arresting them for attemted theft of a Jaguar…

John Randall: wow…damn…

rlwe9f: ‘witnesses’ said it was them that tried to break into the car, Stooks thinks the ‘witnesses’ were the people that jumped them.

rlwe9f: They just got out of jail and don’t know if charges are going to be filed.

rlwe9f: Stooks is on his way to the hospital…he said he got cracked on the head hard and his ribs really hurt.

John Randall: Harpo’s doesn’t strike me as being a dangerous place…did they get a look at the folks who jumped them?

rlwe9f: no, they were hit from behind.

3:10 PM

John Randall: What time?

rlwe9f: I didn’t ask, probably late

John Randall: Were they jawing with anyone in the bar?

rlwe9f: He didn’t say they were

John Randall: Does Stooks have a lawyer?

rlwe9f: yeah, and I am going to talk to D to get her take.

rlwe9f: That’s what is interesting, they don’t even know if they are formally charged.

John Randall: it doesn’t sound like the govt. would have much of a case, if it’s based on these witnesses. Plus, if Stooks really got the shit kicked out of him, he couldn’t be in much shape to steal a car.

rlwe9f: that and I told him to get his lawyer to demand the Jag be fingerprinted.

rlwe9f: Thta’s the case right there

John Randall: Yeah, sounds like it. Might be a lot of prints on there, but not his. Who was he with?

rlwe9f: Matt Gladback.

rlwe9f: I think what th ecops think is that they were caught trying to lift the car and subsequently got their asses kicked.

3:15 PM

John Randall: By the owner of the car, or just some Samaritans?

rlwe9f: well, if it is the muggers, then they are just good citizens, but I doubt the real owner of the car mugged to people then framed them for grand theft auto.

rlwe9f: That is some frame job

rlwe9f: It would make a good story though.

John Randall: what did stooks get hit with?

rlwe9f: A fist.

John Randall: He has a clean record and a job doesn’t he?

rlwe9f: Just to interject…Bottom of 1st, 0-0. 1-2-3 inning by Mulder.

rlwe9f: Yeah, if you are talking about Stookey.

John Randall: Well, then it doesn’t make any sense that he just goes out one Wed. night and decides to steal a car…

rlwe9f: no shit, the whole story makes zero sense.

rlwe9f: Just like when Stooks’ car was stolen with him in it, and then run into a brick wall…

rlwe9f: …after a night at Harpos

John Randall: That story is funny, though. This one isn’t, given that Stooks is injured. Plus, that night at Harpo’s transformed into a night at The Oz, didn’t it?

3:20 PM

rlwe9f: to be sure

rlwe9f: He was also arrested for pissing on a building outside of Harpo’s…that was when I was surrounded by 6 cops for walking while drunk.

John Randall: A-dro Pistachio. Gets a double play and the first inning is in the books.

rlwe9f: Pujols

John Randall: Hmm, yeah being arrested outside of Harpo’s once prior doesn’t help his case, but it isn’t the same thing as stealing a car.

rlwe9f: I told him, “no mare Harpo’s”

rlwe9f: The weather here is perfect for October baseball, cool and sunny.

John Randall: I miss it!

rlwe9f: great play by Mulder.

rlwe9f: That ball got on him in a split, he did welll just to deflect it, but then he threw the guy out.

rlwe9f: I love Khalil’s long, blond hair.

John Randall: Khalil is pretty hot. He’d be fun to watch. I don’t now if I’ve ever seen him play.

rlwe9f: Mulder just got nailed.

John Randall: I just got that…Shannon, “He’s hurt…it knocked the wind out of him…”

rlwe9f: no, it hit him right above the elbow.

rlwe9f: This is not good.

John Randall: Hagin thinks left biceps.

rlwe9f: screw what Hagin thinks, I saw it.

3:30 PM

John Randall: He’s getting back on the mound, folks. Shannon says left arm.

rlwe9f: If he gets out of the second unscathed, I seriously think about warming up Marquis.

rlwe9f: Precautionary I know, but this could get ugy quick.

John Randall: Bases loaded when Mulder hits Nady.

rlwe9f: Marquis is now warming up

rlwe9f: Way to go Tony, good play.

John Randall: Pacing in the Cardinal dugout…hagin: not throwing free and easy at all…

rlwe9f: the last two pitches have been nice

rlwe9f: good bye Johnson

John Randall: Who is this Johnson fella?

rlwe9f: K for Mulder

rlwe9f: he’s a rookie

John Randall: I just got the K…so you are about 15 seconds ahead I think

rlwe9f: okay, I’ll try not to give you info before you hear it.

John Randall: inning over

rlwe9f: Johnson is their right-fielder when Klesko sits.

John Randall: Sounds like San Diego has a weak lineup against lefties.

rlwe9f: their is little power in this lineup

John Randall: I don’t understand how Phil Nevin fell off so fast…he didn’t play much at all with the Rangers after the Pads traded him.

rlwe9f: yeah, talk about a one-hit, contract-year wonder.

John Randall: Time to grab a cold, frosty Budweiser, says Mike. Maybe Nevin was a roids guy. I hate to speculate blatantly, but talk about a guy who has a history of power episodes intermixed with nagging injuries. And gets traded.

rlwe9f: I thought that about Jenkins earlier this year, but he rebounded nicley and had a great second-half.

John Randall: Yeah, it’s hard to say. Nevin did nothing for four years, and then in 1999 starting jacking them out.

rlwe9f: Mulder looks perfectly calm sitting on the bench.

rlwe9f: After 2, it’s 0-0

John Randall: If the ball got him on the left arm, which Hagin and Shannon believe, but which you dispute, then…oh wait, Mulder is a lefty! Damn. I was gonna say how that wasn’t his pitching arm…

rlwe9f: I just dispute Hagin’s bicep comment…it was more than that, more serious. It hit him right above the elbow on the side of his arm. This isn’t a muscle we are talking about, which might just bruise, this could be the bone, a tendon or a ligament…gone for a year serious.

John Randall: E.Y. Retired after trying to bunt…

John Randall: Loretta hasn’t been the same since getting hurt in May/June this year.

rlwe9f: Yeah, he was great last season and early this year.

John Randall: Did you talk to Ashcroft at all?

rlwe9f: Yeah

John Randall: Heh, heh. Alright, give me a second then…

rlwe9f: after 2 and a half, no score.

3:50 PM

John Randall: Abraham said, man, you must be puttin’ me on.

John Randall: The Cards need someone like Abraham to get hot. Seeing Sanders have a good game was a positive sign, because he is a streaky player.

rlwe9f: I agree, Nunez walks, that’s a nice sign.

John Randall: Where you want this killin’ done?

rlwe9f: out on Highway 61.

3:55 PM

John Randall: Yes. ‘Member, I think we listened to this song in the Blue Pontiac once when you picked me up from wash u after I finished with my finals. We had cigars? Can that be right? You were a freshman, were you listening to Bob Dylan by then? I wasn’t. Of course, I listened to primarily shitty music back then.

rlwe9f: Thta’s about the time I started on Bob, though this instance was most likely sophomore year.

rlwe9f: That’s when I discovered that album.

rlwe9f: Cards get on the board first.

John Randall: That’s what it’s gotta be then. I just remember the crazy whistle sounds while you were finding top legal speed on Highway 40…safe at home, nunez in under the tag on what Hagin calls a “fadeaway slide” at home. I can’t say I’ve ever heard that term, but I think I like it. What does it mean, though?

4:00 PM

rlwe9f: That slide fades away in the fans’ memory

rlwe9f: oh-uh, could we get bases juiced for Albert?

rlwe9f: YES WE CAN!!! To qoute Mike, ‘He wouldn’t walk him would he?’

John Randall: That is one of Mike’s best sayings. Original.

rlwe9f: let me know when you get Pujols’s fourth pitcvh.

John Randall: sorry…i missed that…I almost stepped on a bug…took it outside

John Randall: RBI for Pujols on a based-loaded walk

rlwe9f: Walker up with the bases loaded.

rlwe9f: tell me when Walker does something on your end.

John Randall: 7 career grand slams, full count after a fastball misses up and in

John Randall: Walker strikes out…

John Randall: I waited awhile to say that. The delay is about 15 seconds…I don’t want you to have to wait for me before you interject, though.

rlwe9f: Will Snaders hit another GS?

John Randall: I believe he is capable. Reggie steps out…

John Randall: Four world series for four teams for Sanders…who could get four RBI’s

John Randall: What teams, Ray?

rlwe9f: Arizona, Atlanta, SF, STL

John Randall: Atlanta! I could not think of that one.

rlwe9f: Sanders strikes out, 2-0 STL after 3.

John Randall: Shoot. The catcher dropped it but then tagged home with his foot. That is a strange way to end an inning!

rlwe9f: With a man on first, I don’t think Sanders can reach on a dropped 3rd strike.

John Randall: That rule might be different if there are 2 outs, though…it sucks to have someone have no chance to make it to first when there are already two outs, you know?

rlwe9f: Yeah, but if there was only one out, the catcher could drop the ball, step on home for the force, then throw to second for the double-play, all on a strikeout.

rlwe9f: throe to first I mean

John Randall: The catcher never threw to first, did he?

rlwe9f: no, baecause he didn’t even have to tag Sanders.

4:15 PM

rlwe9f: easy inning for Mulder.

rlwe9f: I think he only threw 4 pitches.

John Randall: No, the catcher can’t do that with one out because the batter can’t go to first on a dropped third strike if first is occupied and there are less than two outs. If there are two out, it’s every man for himself. The catcher did not tag Sanders, but he had to either tag Sanders or step on home, or throw to first. The catcher stepped on home.

rlwe9f: I agree with the first part, which is what I was tryin to convey, but I don;t think the rule changes with 2-outs. I don’t think he has to tag Sanders.

John Randall: I think it does change with two out, we’ll have to look up the rules.

rlwe9f: Ah, the intricacies of the game

4:20 PM

John Randall: 6.09 The batter becomes a runner when-

(a) He hits a fair ball;

(b) The third strike called by the umpire is not caught, providing

(1) first base is unoccupied, or

(2) first base is occupied with two out; When a batter becomes a base runner on a third strike not caught by the catcher and starts for the dugout, or his position, and then realizes his situation and attempts then to reach first base, he is not out unless he or first base is tagged before he reaches first base. If, however, he actually reaches the dugout or dugout steps, he may not then attempt to go to first base and shall be out.

rlwe9f: good AB for Grudszifajhjhsflanek..single

John Randall: G-rule double for Abraham!!

rlwe9f: What about forcing the runner on third? Is that allowed, or does the batter have to be ‘outed’?

John Randall: You don’t have to get the batter out, it becomes a live ball, as if the batter hit it and the catcher fielded it.

rlwe9f: Another run for STL

rlwe9f: Ok

John Randall: In the division series, if the team with home-team advantage for the series wins the first two home games, the home team should have the option of making game three into a third, successive and (for it) final home game.

rlwe9f: That would be great. If you lose, you have two away games to end the series.

John Randall: Yes, so it’s a gamble by the home team. Of course, scheduling would be a little screwed up, but it’s feasible.

rlwe9f: suicide squeeze by Eckstein. 4-0 CArds

John Randall: The Cardinals pulled off a number of suicide squeezes this year, didn’t they? The suicide squeeze is the great trick play of baseball, like a flea flicker in football, or where a wide receiver throws a touchdown.

rlwe9f: Yeah, and the Cards are like 15-`17 this year on SS’s

John Randall: Wow, is that a high number of suicide squeezes for one season? Are there any stats on that?

rlwe9f: The team keeps those records for the Cards, I don’t know about other teams.

4:30 PM

rlwe9f: Mulder K’s Johnson for the second time.

John Randall: I don’t know how a guy like that makes it into the playoffs. By this time of year, no-namers should be playing golf.

4:35 PM

rlwe9f: agreed, don’t they have any other righties on the bench?

rlwe9f: Another DP for the Cards…4-0 Cards going into the bottom of the fifth.

John Randall: It doesn’t look like they had any options outside of Damian Jackson, whom they sent up to pinch hit. He singled. But now is he done for the game?

rlwe9f: he replaced johnson it looks like.

John Randall: The Cards drafted Johnson in ’99. Was he in a Woody Williams trade?

rlwe9f: I don’t know about that…could be hold on

rlwe9f: well, I’m not finding out quickly, so I am abondoning ship

John Randall: Yeah, I found something saying the padres got him in a July 2000 trade…but the Cards got Woody in 2001…who else have Cards gotten fromo SD?

John Randall: Ben Johnson, considered the hardest-working player in the Padres’ system, arrived with right-hander Heathcliff Slocumb from the Cardinals in a trade for catcher Carlos Hernandez and infielder Nate Tebbs on July 31, 2000. Towers initially asked for another of the Cardinals’ Class A prospects — Albert Pujols. Cardinals G.M. Walt Jocketty wisely said no.

rlwe9f: Wow, that’s great.

rlwe9f: Where would we be without Pujols.

rlwe9f: ?

John Randall: We’d be under .500 with one outfielder who shouldn’t be getting any postseason at-bats.

John Randall: Game has been quiet for a while. The Padres’ at-bats are non-events, it seems. Unless they are hitting line shots back at Mulder.

rlwe9f: The Cardinals have only four hits to their 4 runs…a boring game indeed.

John Randall: In other news, the White House is falling apart fast.

rlwe9f: in what way? How more now than usual

John Randall: Well, Rove is going back to testify in the leak case. His third time testifying. The NY Times said it was unusual for him to be called back to testify at this point of the investigation. Plus, there was an indictment in the White House spy case, which I didn’t even know about. And, the right is not happy with Harriet Miers. And, the whole Katrina debacle, i.e. “Brownie, you’re doin’ a great job.” And now I see this headline on CNN saying the NYC police commissoner has received info saying that the subway is a target for an attack that would come within days. Which makes us think, one war and about a trillion dollars later, if all this bullshit in Iraq was really worth it. The answer, to those who didn’t see it through the smoky outset, is now clearly: no.

4:50 PM

rlwe9f: are you serious about the NYC thing?

rlwe9f: Another Dp for the Cards?

John Randall: Yeah, check out nytimes. com. Hey, another $99.99 for Cardinals Care. American Equity Mortgage. Shannon: They’re gonna go broke before this thing’s all over.

rlwe9f: That’s hilarious

John Randall: American Equity Mortgage…

John Randall: …the future buh-longs to you-ew-ew

4:55 PM

John Randall: Devil Rays cleaned up for the better. Baseball breathes a sigh of relief:

John Randall: New York investor Stuart Sternberg took control of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from founding owner Vince Naimoli on Thursday, promising better days ahead for a franchise that’s finished last in seven of its eight seasons.

The first order of business was to fire general manager Chuck LaMar, who had been with the franchise since its inception. Assistant GM Scott Proefrock and player personnel director Cam Bonifay also were dismissed.

rlwe9f: That is great news not only for Tamps Bay, but for Baseball.

John Randall: Like you were saying, they should go out and sign some veterans who can go 13-14 and they will be the wild card.

rlwe9f: they need ERA’s that don’t start with 5 or 6.

John Randall: The whistle blows! It’s quittin’ time. Time for an ice, cold…Budweiser.

John Randall: After six, the Cardinals lead San Diego 4-0.

rlwe9f: I wish I had a beer right now.

John Randall: You have no beer? Ah, a shame. I have got a good amount of cheap beer. Sort of a new phase for me. I’ve got: Bud, Negro Modelo and Coors Original in cans.

rlwe9f: now that you are married, you have less interest in quality!

John Randall: Well, yeah, I just decided I was spending too much money to get craft brews. I still keep about six good beers in the fridge. Right now I’ve got one Guinness Draught Bottle, a bottle of Abita Turbodog, a couple pales ales, a bottle of milk stout and a bottle of O’Doul’s Amber. I just try to save the bottles for special occasions, like Friday.

rlwe9f: this Friday, or any Friday?

John Randall: Any Friday… Greene’s having a nice game: a walk, a hit by pitch, now a double…

rlwe9f: He’s had a lot of line drives hit at him, too.

John Randall: Runners at the corner, Xavier coming up…time to slow it down…Duncan to the mound. Julian is getting warm?

rlwe9f: 4-1 Cards, single by Nady.

John Randall: If Smoltz blows out his arm tonight, it will be his last game ever.

rlwe9f: i aree

rlwe9f: tavares is warming up.

rlwe9f: another $99.99

John Randall: Plus, cheap beer is lower in alcohol content than the stuff I was normally drinking. This Modelo Especial is 6% by volume, more than I thought, actually. I was tryin to stay around five. Mulder comes out in lieu of Tavarez.

rlwe9f: a big out for Tavarez…Klesko flies out to left.

John Randall: Modelo Especial #1, R.I.P. I want to get a crappy clubhouse where I can have a shelf that has old beer cans on it. Ray, this was an idea I had. My family on my mom’s side owns some land along the Kaskaskia River near Okawville. They used to have a clubhouse out there but like morons they got rid of it. Maybe we could build another out there. Interested? We could get my cousins to help us.

rlwe9f: Possibly

rlwe9f: That could be fun.

John Randall: Yeah, you don’t even put toilets in, you just have an out house. It’s just a place to go in the summer and have a radio on with a game and fuck around and drink beer and listen to the Cardinals or Cubs.

rlwe9f: That sounds like a nice evening.

rlwe9f: if it is 4-1, does Tony bring in Izzy to close it out?

John Randall: Yes.

rlwe9f: would you?

5:20 PM

John Randall: Yes, because it would be unusual and possibly unsettling not to bring him in. LaRussa would be dissing Izzy.

rlwe9f: unbelievable Hit ‘n Run by Pujols.

John Randall: Hagin is having a decent game…he just referred to Sir Lawrence Walker.

rlwe9f: Well, doesn’t Izzy deserve to get dissed? He flat out stunk on Tuesday.

John Randall: Yeah, but this isn’t the time to be sending messages. At this point, you’ve got what you’ve got and you go with it.

rlwe9f: You sound like McCarver.

John Randall: Hey now. But you breath a sigh of relief if the Cards go up by more than three runs. All I’m saying is, what is Izzy gonna think if it’s 4-1 in the top of the ninth and Ray King is in there. It’s like, I had a good year and now it’s the playoffs and I’m benched in a save situation. That doesn’t make any sense.

rlwe9f: I agree, but we can still discuss it.

John Randall: We can def. discuss it.

rlwe9f: Sanders drives in two with a double and advances to third on the throw.

rlwe9f: see ya Izzy

rlwe9f: Actually now I WOULD bring him in to pitch.

John Randall: The Cards get the big hit in the seventh. Yeah, I could bring him in, but I probably wouldn’t. I’d bring in someone who hasn’t yet pitched this series. Is there anyone in the pen who hasn’t pitched yet?

rlwe9f: King, MArquis and Suppan

John Randall: I’d bring in Marquis and King for a lefty.

rlwe9f: Pujols just pulled Gruds aside in the dugout, and then went into the tunnel with him where the cameras cannot follow. He looked pissed at Mark for his poor AB and K.

John Randall: I hear that. Grud has been asleep.

rlwe9f: Pujols is a great clubhouse leader. He commands the ultimate respect even though he is only 25.

John Randall: Yeah, it’s hard to tell him no. He goes so hard himself, and seems to be vigilant about the game.

rlwe9f: very intense

5:30 PM

rlwe9f: Anyway, it’s 6-1 after 7

rlwe9f: Taguchi is in at left field

John Randall: I like that. They need to get him some at-bats, considering he could well be in the outfield or in as DH…

rlwe9f: yo yo

rlwe9f: Game 3 starts at 11:00 EST!!!

rlwe9f: I guess Fox doesn’t want anyone on the east coast to see that one.

rlwe9f: nope, espn has that one.

John Randall: Ten o’clock is rough.

John Randall: I have lit some incense. And Brook is home from work.

rlwe9f: I hate having to wait all day for a game…especially a playoff, elimination game.

John Randall: Yeah, I don’t even know if I will be awake for that. Pretty lame.

5:40 PM

rlwe9f: Julian hit s a batter with the bases-loaded, 6-2.

John Randall: Eek..Nady hit for the second time in the game.

rlwe9f: Flores is coming in instead of Ray King.

John Randall: My sister is visiting Austin starting tomorrow.

rlwe9f: looking forward to that?

John Randall: Yeah, I’m somewhat worried I won’t have enough energy to do a decent job of entertaining. Plus, I have a number of other things I probably should work on. I just need to relax and enjoy it and catch up starting next Thursday.

John Randall: Plus, it’ll be a cramp on space like Brook and I haven’t yet experiences.

rlwe9f: true

rlwe9f: flores has a 1-1 count on Sweeney

rlwe9f: 2-2 count now

rlwe9f: STRIKE 3!!! Great job by Flores.

John Randall: Flores leapt in the air, Mike says.

rlwe9f: he did…I need to take 5

rlwe9f: be right back

John Randall: alright

5:55 PM

rlwe9f: ok

rlwe9f: Izzy is in

rlwe9f: It looks like Isringhausen is throwing harder today.

rlwe9f: Roberts pops up, 1 out.

6:00 PM

rlwe9f: Klesko strikes out, 2 gone.

John Randall: izzy looking pretty good, you said?

rlwe9f: yes

rlwe9f: game over, cards win 6-2, lead the series 2-0.

John Randall: Pop-up, who wants it?

John Randall: See, why are the Cards even flying to San Diego?

rlwe9f: you have a point

John Randall: you watching tonight’s game?

6:05 PM

rlwe9f: yeah

John Randall: you gonna be able to IM during it?

rlwe9f: negative

rlwe9f: we can talk if you like

John Randall: alright, maybe I will give you a ring later on, esp. if the game is good.

rlwe9f: ok

John Randall: see yaaaaaaaaaa

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