Wiz and John for Braves/’Stros Marathon

AIM IM with rlwe9f

10/9/05, 4:36 PM

rlwe9f: Things are coming to a head in Houston.

rlwe9f: Clemens is stretching in the bullpen.

4:40 PM

John Randall: A head?

John Randall: The Rocket!

rlwe9f: No not yet

rlwe9f: The Braves have the bases juiced.

rlwe9f: McCann just struck out.

rlwe9f: Orr is up, 2 outs

John Randall: Yeah, I’ve been listening. Andy Ashby said a few innings ago that Roger had gone up there.

rlwe9f: The Braves are 1-15 iwith RISP.

John Randall: At least the Astros are on local radio whereas if it was a regular season game for them going against …Astros get out of mess…NFL.

rlwe9f: The Braves suck

John Randall: The Braves do suck. Where has Danny Kolb been? Is he not on the playoff roster?

rlwe9f: This is the inning that the Astros clinch the series.

rlwe9f: no, he is on the botton of a lake in Atlanta

rlwe9f: Wheeler bats fifth this inning, then Rocket has to come in.

rlwe9f: Of course I don’t know who would bat for him.

John Randall: Jim Brower…how did the Braves’ pen get so crummy. Pettitte could bat.

4:45 PM

rlwe9f: I think Pettitte might be in Atlanta

rlwe9f: This whole, keep your strter in the other city so he doesn’t have to travel thing is lame.

rlwe9f: Mussina is in LA, when the Yanks need him in the Bronx.

John Randall: Ay, yeah, having a player in another city is really stupid, for these specific cases, where, OK, it might be three days’ rest for him but he is all you got!

rlwe9f: It’s not like the Astros are taking a bus to Atlanta…I believe they have a great big plane for about 50 people.

John Randall: Into the 15th!

rlwe9f: Quick work by Brower.

John Randall: Damn. Hey, was there a no-hitter this year?

rlwe9f: He has pitched 3 scoreless innings thus far in the series.

rlwe9f: not that I recall

John Randall: I was thinking last night, when Morris was spinning his no-no that there wasn’t a no-hitter this year. Isn’t this the first year in recent memory where there wasn’t a no-hitter?

rlwe9f: Yeah, Randy last year.

rlwe9f: Who in 2003?

John Randall: Nomo? Or was that 2002?

rlwe9f: ’02

John Randall: I’m going to go find a list. What about Bud Smith?

John Randall: The FOX Sports website has nothing on it about baseball. http://msn.foxsports.com/

rlwe9f: ’01 or ’02

John Randall: Washburn is not starting tonight, Lackey.

4:50 PM

rlwe9f: What! That is stupid

rlwe9f: Is Washburn fucking Bud Black’s daughter or something?

John Randall: No, he’s too sick. There were two no-no’s in 2003: One by Millwood (?) and one by the Astros (combined). http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/stats/nohitters

rlwe9f: Milwood with Philly?

John Randall: This is the first year for no no-nos since ’89. Yes, Millwood with Philly.

rlwe9f: ah, Nono in ’01, Lowe in ’02

rlwe9f: 2000 there poindexter

John Randall: Shit.

rlwe9f: Apparently Smoltz is hurt…he may ne D-U-N

John Randall: man, there are some real scrbs on this no-no list. What is wrong with Smoltz? Damnit, I knew it…that was his last game ever. And what a good one.

rlwe9f: That’s a nice list by the worldwide leader

John Randall: It is a nice list. I’m impressed.

rlwe9f: His arm is ready to fall off. He said for Game 2 he had to throw almost exclusively fastballs because his elbow hurt so much. No breaking balls.

4:55 PM

rlwe9f: It seems liek the home plate ump expands his strike zone with Chipper up.

John Randall: Chipper has three walks in this game.

rlwe9f: True, but I am just telling you what I have observed his last few times up.

John Randall: Chipper strikes out. I will have to take your word since I can’t watch this f-ing game.

rlwe9f: The K-zone shows the first two called strikes were pretty far off the plate.

John Randall: The umpire wants to go to dinner at one of Houston’s finest.

rlwe9f: The Houston bullpen has been stellar.

rlwe9f: Now if Garner would just get rid of BAcke

John Randall: Backe has been a disappointment. He didn’t throw that well in September either, really. One good game against Pittsburgh. He didn’t throw well against STL.

5:00 PM

rlwe9f: Andruw swung at a ball at his eyes.

John Randall: Into the bottom of the 15th. Damn.

rlwe9f: This is a battle of attrition…the Texas baseball confederacy.

John Randall: That is funny. I love a game where you’ve got pitchers pinch-hitting and starters relieving. Love it! And how Berkman was lifted for a pinch runner in the 10th (or 11th?)

rlwe9f: 9th

John Randall: Geez.

rlwe9f: no, 10th

rlwe9f: The Rocket is going to bat!

rlwe9f: Atlanta’s extra-inning bullpen has actually been better than Houston’s. The Braves had had runners all over the bases.

rlwe9f: uh-oh…the dreaded leadoff walk.

John Randall: Rocket bunting.

5:05 PM

rlwe9f: Brower cannot find the K-zone.

John Randall: He doesn’t need to find the K-zone, he just needs strikes.

rlwe9f: good bunt, biggio to 2nd

John Randall: Sac by Clemens, Biggio on second, Roger and Franco not happy with each other at first, but nothing comes of it.

rlwe9f: Now the ‘Stros have Berkman up…oh, wait, no they don’t. Well player Phil.

rlwe9f: because Roger is a fraidy-cat. I wouldn’t mess with Franco, though.

John Randall: Burke trying to get on for Ensberg…3-1…

rlwe9f: Just setting up the double-play.

5:10 PM

John Randall: Pitcher steps off, McCann goes out to talk to Brower. Bases loaded would be OK…get the force at home with slow Chaves on deck…

rlwe9f: OH…DP baby

John Randall: 6-4-3 double play, into the 16th…here comes Roger…well, it’s 6-6 in the 16th and with Roger pitching (i.e. the Devil) the Astros pretty much have it wrapped up.

rlwe9f: Frano looks every bit his 57 years today.

John Randall: Roger throws a nice splitter.

rlwe9f: How do you know?

rlwe9f: did your friend Andy Ashby tell you?

5:15 PM

John Randall: The announcers both (Ashby and Milo Hamilton) said “good splitter” at the same time.

rlwe9f: Frano has a crazy look in his eye.

John Randall: Sounds like he tried to get thrown out…was it in the K-zone?

rlwe9f: K-Zone shows it to be high

John Randall: Ashby just said the replay showed it to be in the strike zone!

rlwe9f: The ump certainly hasn’t called that a strike all day.

John Randall: That’s what Franco was saying, that the ump was favoring Clemens.

rlwe9f: Francouer looks bad…another K.

rlwe9f: to the bottom of the 16th.

rlwe9f: God, I wish this were Game 5

John Randall: This would be a perfect game 5.

John Randall: Are you saying that because you want the teams to be run down by the time they play the Cardinals?

rlwe9f: No, because it would be awesome

5:20 PM

rlwe9f: I wouldn’t mind seeing Clemens get hurt, but that has nothing to do with the Cards…beside, if that happened, the Cards would be losing a garunteed victory.

John Randall: The Astros lost a game in the 16th in the ’86 playoffs.

rlwe9f: well they aren’t losing this one in the 16th.

John Randall: Have you been watching this whole game?

rlwe9f: no, since the bottom of the 9th. I got home and turned in on to see the Braves close it out.

John Randall: How was the game last night? I did not see much of it.

rlwe9f: Great the first few innings, tense when the bullpen came in…then LaRussa did the five-pitcher shuffle to delay the inevitable.

rlwe9f: TO THE 17th!

5:25 PM

John Randall: This game has gotten a little stale, but I’m loving it.

rlwe9f: The Astros lineup is about as weak as you’ll see in a playoff game.

John Randall: It’s not like Berkman is an extremely slow runner. Risky move did not pay off.

rlwe9f: Dallas is smoking Philly

John Randall: Dumb. I am not watching. The Astros have flipped Chavez and Ausmus. Now, Brian Jordan!

John Randall: man, biggio and Ensberg are both 0-6.

rlwe9f: The Astros are batting .170 as a team today. But that beats 1-16 w/RISP for Atlanta

John Randall: Jordan gets a double!

5:30 PM

rlwe9f: BJ with a double

rlwe9f: here comes 1-17 and 1-18.

John Randall: Furcal looking for his first hit.

rlwe9f: 13 hits and 11 walks for the Braves today

rlwe9f: zero errors committed by both teams.

John Randall: Jordan advances to third but now there are two outs.

rlwe9f: Alright John, D needs the computer. Do you want me to call you?

John Randall: Well, I am listening to the game on headphones, sooo…no, let’s hold off…talk during the yanks game?

rlwe9f: done and done.

John Randall: later, then

rlwe9f: ok, but I am going to type until she comes into the room.

rlwe9f: Clemens looks determined.

John Randall: Clemens whiffs Giles with a fastball. Damn.

rlwe9f: Have you seen this BudLight commercial with Babe calling his shot?

John Randall: No…what’s the story?

5:35 PM

rlwe9f: They use footage from the game, but then cut to the bleachers and show a bud light vendor.

rlwe9f: I think they might be using actual radio from that day to, but I cannot be sure.

rlwe9f: So, esentially, Babe hit a homerun to get the vendors attention…then as he is rounding third, you hear him say something like, ‘hey, how ’bout a hot dog.’

John Randall: Not bad, sounds like a good baseball commercial. Don’t see too many of those.

rlwe9f: gay and gay. They are desecrating one of Baseballs greatest moments to hock alcohol. and playing up the ‘Babe is a heavy drinker’ angle.

rlwe9f: It really isn’t

John Randall: Well, I’ll take anything to get a little more national interest in baseball, as opposed to football.

rlwe9f: true.

rlwe9f: ok, gotta go.

John Randall: See yaaaaaaaaaa

7:25 PM

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