Feingold is the President for gold; the Republican candidate will be for the dollar.


Maybe if the law then said how, if the gov’t couldn’t show that what they found could not be used in an international terrorist organization, that it could not then be held against you. But many illegal acts could eventually be tied to internation terrorism, if you believe that it’s the terrorists running the drugs. Member when all those drugs were found in a U.S. military ship in Colombia? Oops.


Why is all of this talk only making me more scared? The general sunset compromise he says is 4 years. Apparently Bush and the White House were in agreement with 4 years on the sunset. So the House lost out, when it was asking for seven years.


Senator Grassley (Iowa) has come on talking about the U.S-Bahrain free trade agreement. USBFTA? He believes that this trade agreement is a win for our economy. Bahrain proposes to eliminate 100% of the duties it currently charges to U.S. products, except for 2% of U.S. agriculture products. Trade in every service sector, unless excluded. Says Bahrain is a service provider center in the Middle East. As the region develops, there will be increased opportunity for U.S. exports. Right, like Iraq, they’re buying lots of stuff? Wait we’re giving it to them?

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