Is it Ever Gonna Rain in Austin Again?

From October 29, 2005 at 0:22

Up late, motor has been whirring all day. Two
cups of coffee in the morning, around 8/8:30. But
then nothing. Two slices pumpkinbread b-fast.

No lunch whatsoever. Work at law school, job
interview w/ Army Corps of Engineers. Home
by 3:30 after stopping to buy booze at
Dan’s Liquor on Lavaca near Capitol.

Late lunch/early dinner at 16:00 of bison burger—damn good!—w/sliced (anaheim? banana?) peppers, plenty of mayo, dijon-type very seedy mustard, relish, and ketchup. Mm! Then heated up some refried beans & dipped blue corn tortilla chips

in. Had a George Dickel otr at @ 4:30, lay down for 25 mins, just startin to snooze when Brook came home. Teased her about whatever. She walked to video store. I got up and did stretching/yoga for about 25 mins.

Back to work on dumb enviro. practicum
assignment—taking forever.

It’s late & I’m havin’ Manhattan

It’s never gonna rain in Austin

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