Thunderstorm Watch 295

Turned down for another
job today, some public
interest outfit. Didn’t want
it anyway maybe they
were disappointed when I
said I was a fiscal conservative,
that this latest supplemental
is fulla pork. They can smell
it on me—th’aversion to lobbies,
the disdain for raising funds—blown
from key to key in this economic


Why’d I start Oliver Perez today?
Gave up four runs to the Nats, walked
four batters. Somethin ain’t right. But
I gave ‘im a chance; said, Come pitch for me,
you can throw anything you want, just
get it over the plate. Maybe I’m a fool but
I thought he had seven innings in him.


I’ve had too much to eat and
too much to drink. Unfulfilled on a full
stomach means you’re not
makin good use of what you’ve got. How
many Tombstone pizzas, how many Schlitz?
How many years of schooling, how many
condoms? Somethin ain’t right here, folks.
My power bill’s too high, I can’t wake
up early in the morning. I crave
thunderstorms, lightning, and hail.

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